A Study on Geometric Modeling and Generation of 4-axis NC Data for Single Setup of Small Marine Propeller

선박용 소형 프로펠러의 곡면 모델링 및 단일 셋업에 의한 4축 NC가공 데이터 생성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Small marine propeller is generally machined by 5-axis machining. This paper suggests a method to create geometric model from point array data and 4-axis machining NC data for propeller. With conventional method, the setting posture should be changed, because propeller has front and back surface of wing. The change of setting posture has a bad influence on precision of propeller. So this paper pro-poses a method to machine propeller by single setup for 4-axis machining. The cutter moves to parallel direction of the XY plane. To determine the cutter orientation efficiently, the' tilting guiding line' is proposed. A proposed algorithm is written in C language and successfully applied to the 5-axis milling machine of industrial field.



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