Equations for Estimating Energy Dissipation Capacity of Flexure-Dominated RC Members

철근콘크리트 휨재에 대한 에너지 소산능력 산정식의 개발

  • Published : 2002.12.01


As advanced earthquake design methods using nonlinear static analysis are developed, it is required to estimate precisely the cyclic behavior of reinforced concrete members that is characterized by strength, deformability, and energy dissipation. In a recent study, a simplified method which can estimate accurately the energy dissipation capacity of flexure-dominated RC members subjected to repeated cyclic load was developed. Based on the previously developed method, in the present study, simple equations that can be used for calculating the energy dissipation capacity were derived and verified by the comparison with experimental results. Through parametric study using the proposed equations, effects of axial load, reinforcement ratio, rebar arrangement, md ductility on the dissipated energy were investigated. The proposed equations can accurately estimate the energy dissipation capacity compared with the existing empirical equations, and therefore they will be useful for the nonlinear static analysis/design methods.


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