Hybrid ARQ scheme using RCPC codes in Wireless

무선 ATM 환경에서 RCPC 코드를 이용한 하이브리드 ARQ 기법

  • Published : 2002.01.01


In this paper, we propose a new hybrid ARQ scheme to consider real-time and non real-time services in a wireless ATM network. Real-time and non-real-time services require different error control schemes according to each service characteristics. Therefore, in the next generation mobile communication environments where these service scenarios should be deployed, hybrid ARQ scheme using RCPC code with variable coding rate becomes one of the most suitable solutions. Because the variable coding rate is applied according to traits of transmitted frame and channel status, hybrid ARQ scheme using RCPC code can expect UEP effect. The UEP scheme does not apply equal error protection level to all information, but does high error protection level to more important information. In Our scheme, UEP of high error protection level is applied to real-time service, and UEP of low error protection and retransmission techniques are applied to non real-time service. We show that the proposed hybrid ARQ scheme improves channel utilization efficiency and yields high error correction behaviors.


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