A medical historical study of Dan-kyei's congestion theory mentioned in 『DongEuiBoGam』

『동의보감(東醫寶鑑)』에 보이는 단계담음론(丹溪痰飮論)의 의사학적(醫史學的) 고찰(考察)

  • 소진백 (경희대학교 한의과대학 의사학교실)
  • Published : 2002.08.31


By studing the congestion theory of Choo Dan-kyei mentioned in "DongEuiBoGam", I have reached following conclusions. 1. Dan-kyei's congestion theory influenced greatly on "DongEuiBoGam". The congestion theory of "DongEuiBoGam" is built up with several theories centering round on Dan-kyei's theory and Huh-Jun's own opinion in addition. 2. Dan-kyei's congestion theory has given theoretical foundation to the classification and diagnosis of congestion reported in "DongEuiBoGam"-Congestion Chapter. 3. Dan-kyei's congestion theory offers many examples of symptoms reported in "DongEuiBoGam"-Congestion Chapter. It's shown well through outer symptoms, several congestion disease, congestion mass, and "congestion never sudden death", etc. 4. Dan-kyei's congestion theory has influenced greatly on treatment of congestion reported in "DongEuiBoGam"-Congestion Chapter, and it's well shown through spewing method, grand method in congestion treatment and common medicine of congestion, etc. 5. Dan-kyei's congestion theory offers variety of treating methods to symptoms caused by congestion reported in "DongEuiBoGam". It's shown variously through upper stomachache, stomachache, back pain, side pain, "San", joint pain, Summer disease, internal injury, cough and morning sickness, etc.. 6. Dan-kyei's congestion theory has factors that could be operated to common diseases of mordern people. They can be classified as food congestion, alcohol congestion, obstruction congestion and Qi congestion, and they are clinically very efficient.