Monthly Changes of Marine Benthic Algae and Community Structure at Gahakri, Southern Coast of Korea

한국 남해안 가학리의 해조류와 군집구조의 월별변화

  • Oh Byoung Geon (Departnment of Health Food Development Naju College) ;
  • Lee Jae Wan (Departnment of Health Food Development Naju College) ;
  • Lee Hae Bok (Department of Biology, Chongju University)
  • Published : 2002.01.01


The marine algal flora and community structure of Gahakri in Jindo Gun, southern coast of Korea, was investigated monthly during September, 1993-August, 1994. As the results, a total of 87 species including 11 greens, 15 browns and 61 reds was identified. The marine algal flora was classified as the mixed flora based on the species composition. The dominant species of algal community throughout the year was Gloiopeltis furcata, and the subdominants were Sargassum thunbegii, Ulva pertusa and Hizikia fusiformis. In their vertical distribution, the species of algal community distributed yearly (or seasonally) from upper to lower intertidal zones were Gloiopeltis furcata-Corallina pilulifera, Myelophycus simplex, Gloiopeltis tenax (May$\~$October), Dumontia simplex, Sargassum thunbergii-Hizikia fusifomis, Ulva pertusa, Chondracanthus intemedius, Carpopeltis affinis.


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