Comparison of serological methods for detection of avian influenza virus antibodies

가금인플루엔자 바이러스 항체검출을 위한 혈청학적 진단법 비교

  • Han, Myung-guk (Avian Disease Division, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service) ;
  • Park, Kyoung-yoon (Animal Health Division, Bayer Korea Ltd.) ;
  • Kwon, Yong-kuk (Avian Disease Division, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service) ;
  • Kim, Jae-hong (Avian Disease Division, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service)
  • 한명국 (국립수의과학검역원 조류질병과) ;
  • 박경윤 (바이엘코리아(주) 임상병리실) ;
  • 권용국 (국립수의과학검역원 조류질병과) ;
  • 김재홍 (국립수의과학검역원 조류질병과)
  • Accepted : 2002.02.27
  • Published : 2002.03.25


An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using purified hemagglutinin of swine influenza virus (H1N1) as antigen was developed for detection of antibody to avian influenza virus (AIV). The sensitivity and specificity of a developed and commercial available ELISA kits were compared with those of agar gel precipitation (AGP) test and hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test using sera collected from chickens under condition of field exposure. The concentration of antigen, serum dilution and concentration of enzyme-conjugated secondary antibody in developed ELISA (S-ELISA) were 0.5ug/100ul, 1:200 and 0.03ug/100ul, respectively. The correlation coefficients between S-ELISA and commercial ELISA and HI titers were 0.419 and 0.533, respectively. A significant correlation (p < 0.01) was not found between HI and ELISA titers. The S-ELISA was found to be as more sensitive and specific than the AGP test, showing 86.8% sensitivity and 85.3% specificity. It is suggested that the ELISA using the SIV as antigen may be useful method as an investigating tool for AIV serological surveillance.


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