Usefulness of 32kDa Polypeptide Detection of Theileria sergenti in Monitoring Treatment Progress of Bovine Theileriosis

소의 테이레리아병 치료시 Theileria sergenti의 32kDa Polypeptide 검출의 유용성

  • Accepted : 2002.09.01
  • Published : 2002.09.30


Bovine piroplasmosis caused by Theileria sergenti is a major cause of economic loss in livestock industry. Five cattle infected with Theileria sergenti showing severe and fatal anemia, confirmed by indirect immunofluorescent assay(IFA), were used in this study. Four cattle were treated with diminazene aceturate and one was not treated as the control. The therapeutic effect of diminazene aceturate against Theileria sergenti infection was monitored by detecting the 32kDa polypeptide specific for Theileria sergenti by the western blotting with both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. The 32kDa polypeptide detected at the beginning of diminazene aceturate treatment was not detectable after the treatment. It is postulated that the detection of the 32kDa polypeptide specific for Theileria sergenti may be a good tool for the diagnosis and monitoring the treatment progress of Theileria sergenti infection.


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