A Survey on Middle School Students' Preferences for Kimchi in Masan and Changwon City

마산 , 창원지역 중학생의 김치에 대한 기호도 및 섭취실태

  • Kim, Jeong-A (Dept. of Home Economics Education, Changwon National University) ;
  • Yun, Hyeon-Suk (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Changwon National University, Changwon Korea)
  • 김정아 (창원대학교 교육대학원 가정학과) ;
  • 윤현숙 (창원대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 2002.08.05


The purpose of this study was to investigate the intake and preference of Kimchi in middle school students. A questionnaire was used as the instrument of investigation. The subjects were 375 male and 278 female students in Masan and Changwon City. The main results of this study are as follows. Fifty-nine point seven percent of the subjects liked Kimchi, whereas 3.7% of them disliked it, and the main reason liking Kimchi was 'hot taste' of Kimchi. Korean cabbage Kimchi and cubed radish Kimchi were highly preferred. And the preferred dishes made with Kimchi were stir-fried rice with Kimchi, Kimchi stew, pan-fried Kimch, seaweed rice with Kimch, Kimch pancake, Mandu with Kimchi, pork stew with Kimch. More than 90% of the subjects had eaten 6 kinds of Kimchi : Korean cabbage Kimchi, cubed radish Kimchi, radish leaves Kimchi, radish root & leaves Kimchi, watery radish Kimchi, white Kimchi. The frequency of Kimchi intake was 55.1% of the subjects ate Kimchi in every meal time, and 21.9% ate 2 times in a day. They preferred 'well fermented' and 'freshly prepared' Kimchi, and it was significantly difference between gender, male students more liked 'freshly prepared', whereas female students more liked 'well fermented' Kimchi(p<0.01).