Real -time Observation on Airborne Particles with Visual Impactor

입자의 실시간 관측이 가능한 임팩터의 설계 및 성능해석

  • Published : 2003.02.01


Recently consideration of health and interest on bio aerosols have been growing steadily. In this study, inertial impactor, which can be used to collect airborne particles and bio aerosols, was newly devised for real-time observation on the particles collected on impaction plate. and named Visual Impactor. Flow field and particle trajectory in the space between nozzle and impaction plate was analyzed numerically, and the collection effciencies were calculated. Calibration and performance evaluation of the Visual Impactor was conducted with polydisperse aerosols generated from 0.1% sodium chloride solution. Cut-off diameter from numerical simulation was in good agreement with that from experimental results. Because of particle bounce and particle deposition on nozzle tip due to short jet-to-plate distance, the collection efficiencies from numerical and experimental analyses were different slightly. Visual Impactor was used to collect airborne particles, and the features of collected particles could be seen in real-time. Airborne particles in different weather conditions (fine, cloudy, and rainy) were sampled and compared one another The features of collected airborne particles were dependent strongly upon relative humidity. In addition, with hours elapsing, shapes and colors of collected particles were changed by evaporation and surface tension, etc.


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