A Genetic Algorithm-based Scheduling Method for Job Shop Scheduling Problem

유전알고리즘에 기반한 Job Shop 일정계획 기법

  • 박병주 (동아대학교 경영정보학과) ;
  • 최형림 (동아대학교 경영정보과학부) ;
  • 김현수 (동아대학교 경영정보과학부)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


The JSSP (Job Shop Scheduling Problem) Is one of the most general and difficult of all traditional scheduling problems. The goal of this research is to develop an efficient scheduling method based on genetic algorithm to address JSSP. we design scheduling method based on SGA (Single Genetic Algorithm) and PGA (Parallel Genetic Algorithm). In the scheduling method, the representation, which encodes the job number, is made to be always feasible, initial population is generated through integrating representation and G&T algorithm, the new genetic operators and selection method are designed to better transmit the temporal relationships in the chromosome, and island model PGA are proposed. The scheduling method based on genetic algorithm are tested on five standard benchmark JSSPs. The results were compared with other proposed approaches. Compared to traditional genetic algorithm, the proposed approach yields significant improvement at a solution. The superior results indicate the successful Incorporation of generating method of initial population into the genetic operators.