Hybrid Intelligent Web Recommendation Systems Based on Web Data Mining and Case-Based Reasoning

  • Kim, Jin-Sung (School of Business Administration, Jeonju University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


In this research, we suggest a hybrid intelligent Web recommendation systems based on Web data mining and case-based reasoning (CBR). One of the important research topics in the field of Internet business is blending artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with knowledge discovering in database (KDD) or data mining (DM). Data mining is used as an efficient mechanism in reasoning for association knowledge between goods and customers' preference. In the field of data mining, the features, called attributes, are often selected primary for mining the association knowledge between related products. Therefore, most of researches, in the arena of Web data mining, used association rules extraction mechanism. However, association rules extraction mechanism has a potential limitation in flexibility of reasoning. If there are some goods, which were not retrieved by association rules-based reasoning, we can't present more information to customer. To overcome this limitation case, we combined CBR with Web data mining. CBR is one of the AI techniques and used in problems for which it is difficult to solve with logical (association) rules. A Web-log data gathered in real-world Web shopping mall was given to illustrate the quality of the proposed hybrid recommendation mechanism. This Web shopping mall deals with remote-controlled plastic models such as remote-controlled car, yacht, airplane, and helicopter. The experimental results showed that our hybrid recommendation mechanism could reflect both association knowledge and implicit human knowledge extracted from cases in Web databases.


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