A Study on the relationship of Empowerment, Self-efficacy and Turnover intention of dental technician

일부 치과기공사의 임파워먼트와 자기효능감 이직의도와의 관계연구

  • Published : 2003.07.12


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of empowerment, self-efficacy and turnover intention of dental technicians. The subjects of this study were selected by haphazard sampling and the size was 142 of the dental technician. The results were analyzed with spss/pc+ and the conclusion is as follows ; 1. The mean of dental technicians empowerment was 3.24, Self-efficacy was 3.51, and their turnover intention was 2.72. 2. In characteristics of subjects, turnover experience and position are significantly different in empowerment. 3. In characteristics of subjects, a working experience, income, position, marriage and turnover experience are significantly different in self-efficacy. 4. In characteristics of subjects, a position and a working experience are significantly different in turnover intention. 5. Empowerment showed a positive correlation with self-efficacy and a negative correlation with turnover intention. The above results is different from other empowerment studys which empowerment is related with self-efficacy and turnover intention. The study on empowerment is important in the aspect of stratege for increasement of work performance.