Storage Stability of Pork Fatty with Mugwort Powder

쑥 분말을 첨가한 돼지고기 patty의 저장 안정성

  • 정인철 (대구공업대학 식음료조리과) ;
  • 문윤희 (경서대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 강세주 (축산물등급판정소)
  • Published : 2004.02.01


This study was carried out to investigate the effect of mugwort podwer and carcass grade on the shelf-life of pork patty. Pork patty was prepared by four types such as grade B pcrk patty without mugwort powder (A patty), grade B pork patty with mugwort podwer (B patty), grade I pork patty without mugwort powder (C patty) and grade E pork patty with mugwort powder (D patty) and the residual nitrite, surface color, pH, VBN (volatile basic nitrogen), TBARS (2-thiobarbituric acid reactive substances) and total bacterial counts of the sample were determined during storage at 4$^{\circ}C$. The residual nitrite of pork patties with mugwort powder was highly decreased until storage for 2 weeks, pork patties without mugwort powder highly decreased until storage for 4 weeks, therefore addition of mugwort powder reduced residual nitrite of pork patty. The L* value of pork patty was the highest at early stage of storage, pork patties with mugwort powder were lower than that of pork patties without mugwort powder, and grade B pork patties were higher than that of the grade I pork patties. The a value of grade I pork patties were higher than that of grade B pork patties, and changes during storage were no significant difference. The b value of grade B pork patties were higher than that of grade I pork patties. The pH of pork patties decreased during storage. The VBN, TBARS and total bacterial counts added significantly during storage, and the addition of mugwort powder were not affected during storage.


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