A Study on the High Functional Finishing of Polyester Flat Fabrics Treated with Chitosan

키토산 처리한 폴리에스테르 편평사 직물의 고기능화 가공에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.06.01


The polyester fabrics were treated with the chitosan with various solubility in optimized treatment condition. The treatment method was discussed to be a high functional finishing for the polyester fabric to obtain the high moisture absorption and anti-microorganism property by evaluating the effect of the chitosan purification method on the yield and anti-microorganism property of the chitosan. On the other hand, soluble polyurethane was added to the chitosan treatment solution and/or plasma pretreatment was done. The addition of soluble polyurethane give a high add-on ratio as well as a linen like effect of treated polyester fabric. The results were as follows: 1. In the treatment of polyester fabric by the chitosan solution, a soluble PU resin and low temperature plasma treatment were done to obtain high binding force between the fabrics and the chitosan. The add-on rate and the moisture absorption ratio of the fabrics treated with the chitosan-PU after treated with the plasma slightly increased more than those of the fabrics treated with the chitosan only. 2. Anti-static property of the fabrics treated with the chitosan decreased rapidly with increasing of the chitosan concentration. The washing fastness of the fabrics treated with the chitosan-PU after treated with the plasma was better than those of the fabrics treated with chitosan only. The wrinkle resistance of the treated fabrics decreased constantly with the concentration of the chitosan. The bending rigidity of the treated fabrics increased greatly. On the treatment of polyester fabric under optimum condition, the microorganism reduction rate kept above 90% after 10times launderings. 3. As the polyester fabrics which has flat yam was used as a weft yams were treated with the chitosan-PU as give a functional finishing effects such as durability, moisture absorption, anti-static and anti- microorganism property. Treated polyester fabric showed a good functional finishing effect and a linen like property.


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