Inhibition of Enzymatic Browning of Taro (Colocasia antiquorum var. esculenta) by Maillard Reaction Products from Glycine and Glucose

Glycine과 Glucose의 Maillard Reaction Products에 의한 토란의 효소적 갈변 저해

  • Published : 2004.07.01


The inhibitory effect of MRPs (Maillard reaction products) on enzymatic browning of taro was investigated. The MRPs prepared by heating glycine and glucose at 9$0^{\circ}C$ for 7 hr exhibited a strong inhibitory effect on taro polyphenol oxidase (PPO). The maximum inhibitory activity of MRPs against taro PPO was detected toward (+)-catechin, catechol, 4-methylcatechol followed by L-$\beta$-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) and pyragallol as a substrate. The MRPs synthesized from fructose and glucose with glycine as a amino acid significantly reduced the taro PPO activity. MRPs prepared by higher glycine or glucose concentration showed stronger inhibition against taro PPO. Increasing reaction time of the glycine and glucose promoted the inhibitory effect of MRPs against the PPO activity of taro, whereas the color formation was gradually increased.


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