Extraction of Expert Knowledge Based on Hybrid Data Mining Mechanism

하이브리드 데이터마이닝 메커니즘에 기반한 전문가 지식 추출

  • Kim, Jin-Sung (School of Business Administration, Jeonju University)
  • Published : 2004.10.01


This paper presents a hybrid data mining mechanism to extract expert knowledge from historical data and extend expert systems' reasoning capabilities by using fuzzy neural network (FNN)-based learning & rule extraction algorithm. Our hybrid data mining mechanism is based on association rule extraction mechanism, FNN learning and fuzzy rule extraction algorithm. Most of traditional data mining mechanisms are depended ()n association rule extraction algorithm. However, the basic association rule-based data mining systems has not the learning ability. Therefore, there is a problem to extend the knowledge base adaptively. In addition, sequential patterns of association rules can`t represent the complicate fuzzy logic in real-world. To resolve these problems, we suggest the hybrid data mining mechanism based on association rule-based data mining, FNN learning and fuzzy rule extraction algorithm. Our hybrid data mining mechanism is consisted of four phases. First, we use general association rule mining mechanism to develop an initial rule base. Then, in the second phase, we adopt the FNN learning algorithm to extract the hidden relationships or patterns embedded in the historical data. Third, after the learning of FNN, the fuzzy rule extraction algorithm will be used to extract the implicit knowledge from the FNN. Fourth, we will combine the association rules (initial rule base) and fuzzy rules. Implementation results show that the hybrid data mining mechanism can reflect both association rule-based knowledge extraction and FNN-based knowledge extension.


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