An Efficient Partial Reanalysis Algorithm for the Locally Changed Structures

부분적 강성 변화에 따른 효율적 부분 재해석 알고리즘

  • 김치경 (선문대학교 공과대학 건축학과)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


This paper presents an efficient reanalysis algorithm, named PRAS (Partial Reanalysis algorithm using Adaptable Substructuring), for the partially changed structures. The algorithm recalculates directly any displacement or member force under consideration in real time without a full reanalysis in spite of local changes in member stiffness or connectivity_ The key procedures consists of 1) partitioning the whole structure into the changed part and the unchanged part, 2) condensing the internal degrees of freedom and forming the unchanged part substructure, 3) assembling and solving the new stiffness matrix from the unchanged part substructure and the changed members.


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