A Survey on Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai Perception and Preference for Korean Kimchi

중국 북경.상해지역의 김치에 대한 인식과 기호도

  • Published : 2005.12.31


This study was carried out to investigate Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai perception and preference for Korean Kimchi. The results were as follows: A questionnaire was examined on male 145(45.7%) and female 172(54.3%) of residing in Beijing, and on male 139(49.5%) and female 142(50.5%) of residing in Shanghai. In foods of eating with Kimchi resulted the highest Chinese foods 40.3% on male, and Korean. Chinese foods 25.3% on female in Beijing(p< .05), Korean, Chinese foods 26.7% and 25.3% on male respectively, and Korean foods 50.7% on female in Shanghai. In Kimchi used dishes Beijing resulted high Kimchi Ramyon 61.5%, Kimchi Kuk 51.3%, and Kimchi Chigae 44.9%, and Shanghai were Kimchi Ramyon 51.2%, Kimchi Kuk 41.3%, and Kimchi Fried Rice 22.4% in order. In evaluation by kinds of Kimchi, the taste resulted high onion juice Kimchi(M=6.55) of the third days, and overall acceptability resulted high onion juice Kimchi(M=6.18) of the third days, similary in Beijing, and Kimchi added in shrimp(M=5.70) of two days, and overall acceptability resulted high Kimchi added in shrimp(M=5.70) of the third days, similary in Shanghai. In Sensory evaluation by used Kimchi, the taste resulted high in the order of Kimchi Fried Rice and Chinese style Kimchi Fried Pork(M=6.27), and overall acceptability resulted Kimchi Fried Udong(M=6.40), Chinese style Kimchi Fried Pork(M=6.27), Kimchi Dumpling(M=6.20) in Beijing, and Kimchi Chige(M=6.70), Kimchi Fried Rice(M=6.67) and Kimchi Pancake(M=6.44), and overall acceptability resulted Kimchi Fried Udong, Kimchi Chige(M=6.50), Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Pancake(M=6.44) in Shanghai.


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