The Design of Rotor Bars of Single-Phase Line-Start Permanent Magnet Motor for Improving Starting Characteristics

단상 유도동기전동기의 기동 특성 개선을 위한 회전자 바 형상 설계

  • 이철규 (한양대학교 에너지변환시스템 연구실) ;
  • 권순효 ((주)삼흥사) ;
  • 양병렬 ((주)삼성전자 DA 연구소) ;
  • 권병일 (한양대학교 전자컴퓨터공학부)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


The single-phase induction motor is simple and durable, but the efficiency is low. Therefore, electric motors like HLDC and LSPM(line-start permanent magnet motor) that use the permanent magnet have been studied. The most advantages of single-phase LSPM is having the same stator as the stator of the single-phase induction motor and permanent magnets are just inserted in the squirrel cage rotor of the single-phase induction motor. But the characteristics of single-phase LSPM synchronous motor has very complex characteristics until the synchronization and if the design is not suitable, the single-phase LSPM synchronous motor cannot be synchronized. We designed a single-phase LSPM using the same stator and winding as the conventional single-phase induction motor, but newly designed the permanent magnets considering air gap magnetic flux density. The transient characteristics of the single-phase LSPM is not good because of a magnetic breaking torque, however, it can be improved by redesigning the rotor bars. We are proposed the design method of rotor bar for the single-phase LSPM to start softly and to make synchronization easily.


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