Optical Look-ahead Carry Full-adder Using Dual-rail Coding

  • Gil Sang Keun (Department of Electronic Engineering, The University of Suwon)
  • Received : 2005.02.14
  • Published : 2005.09.01


In this paper, a new optical parallel binary arithmetic processor (OPBAP) capable of computing arbitrary n-bit look-ahead carry full-addition is proposed and implemented. The conventional Boolean algebra is considered to implement OPBAP by using two schemes of optical logic processor. One is space-variant optical logic gate processor (SVOLGP), the other is shadow-casting optical logic array processor (SCOLAP). SVOLGP can process logical AND and OR operations different in space simultaneously by using free-space interconnection logic filters, while SCOLAP can perform any possible 16 Boolean logic function by using spatial instruction-control filter. A dual-rail encoding method is adopted because the complement of an input is needed in arithmetic process. Experiment on OPBAP for an 8-bit look-ahead carry full addition is performed. The experimental results have shown that the proposed OPBAP has a capability of optical look-ahead carry full-addition with high computing speed regardless of the data length.



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