A Study on Dynamic Characteristics of the Rolling-stock for the Combination of Domestic Wheel/Rail Profiles

국내 철도 차륜/레일형상 조합에 따른 차량 동특성 분석 연구

  • Published : 2005.10.01


Railway wheel/rail contact conditions have influences on dynamic behavior of the rolling stock. If there are incompatibility problems between the wheel and rail, damages like wheel wear, wheel spalling, rail wear, etc are occurred. Especially wheel and rail profiles are important factors of vehicle curving performance, so compatibility studies between wheel and rail profiles have to be carried out preferentially. In this study, we have studied the compatibility between wheel and rail profiles of KNR conventional line to analyze the dynamic performances of the rolling-stock. Thus we showed the results relating to wheel/rail geometric contact, vehicle running performances as the change of wheel/rail combination.


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