Determination of Nitrite-scavenging Activity of Seaweed

해조류에 의한 아질산염 소거활성 분석-연구노트-

  • 박영범 (강원도립대학 식품생명과학과)
  • Published : 2005.10.01


Nitrite plays an important role in the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamine. In order to effectively inhibit the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamine in food and biological systems, scavenging of residual nitrite is necessary. In screening test of nitrite-scavenging effect of seaweed, The methanol extract from Phaeophyta was more effective than those from Rhodophyta and Chlorophyta. Among the brown algae family, Laminariaceae, A. cribrosum (90.4$\%$) and E. cava (80.1$\%$), E. stolonifera (79.0$\%$) that belong to genus Ecklonia showed marked nitrite-scavenging effect at pH 1.2. Furthermore, these algae showed potent reducing power and radical scavenging activity. The nitrite-scavenging effect was correlated with level of reducing power.


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