Learning Networks for Learning the Pattern Vectors causing Classification Error

분류오차유발 패턴벡터 학습을 위한 학습네트워크

  • 이용구 (한림성심대학 의용정보과) ;
  • 최우승 (경원전문대학 정보통신과)
  • Published : 2005.11.01


In this paper, we designed a learning algorithm of LVQ that extracts classification errors and learns ones and improves classification performance. The proposed LVQ learning algorithm is the learning Networks which is use SOM to learn initial reference vectors and out-star learning algorithm to determine the class of the output neurons of LVQ. To extract pattern vectors which cause classification errors, we proposed the error-cause condition, which uses that condition and constructed the pattern vector space which consists of the input pattern vectors that cause the classification errors and learned these pattern vectors , and improved performance of the pattern classification. To prove the performance of the proposed learning algorithm, the simulation is performed by using training vectors and test vectors that are Fisher' Iris data and EMG data, and classification performance of the proposed learning method is compared with ones of the conventional LVQ, and it was a confirmation that the proposed learning method is more successful classification than the conventional classification.