Implementation and Control of AC-DC-AC Power Converter in a Grid-Connected Variable Speed Wind Turbine System with Synchronous Generator

동기기를 사용한 계통연계형 가변속 풍력발전 시스템의 AC-DC-AC 컨버터 구현 및 제어

  • Published : 2005.12.01


A 30kW electrical power conversion system is developed for a variable speed wind turbine. In the wind energy conversion system(WECS) a synchronous generator with field current excitation converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. As the voltage and the frequency of the generator output vary according to the wind speed, a 6-bridge diode rectifier and a PWM boost chopper is utilized as an ac-dc converter maintaining the constant dc-link voltage with only single switch control. An input current control algorithm for maximum power generation during the variable speed operation is proposed without any usage of speed sensor. Grid connection type PWM inverter converts dc input power to ac output currents into the grid. The active power to the grid is controlled by q-axis current and the reactive power is controlled by d-axis current with appropriate decoupling. The phase angle of utility voltage is detected using software PLL(Phased Locked Loop) in d-q synchronous reference frame. Experimental results from the test of 30kW prototype wind turbine system show that the generator power can be controlled effectively during the variable speed operation without any speed sensor.


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