Fabrication and Drive Test of a Peristaltic Thermopnumatic PDMS Micropump

  • Jeong Ok Chan (Center for Promotion of the COE program, Ritsumeikan University) ;
  • Park Sin Wook (Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ajou University) ;
  • Yang Sang Sik (Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ajou University)
  • Published : 2005.02.01


This paper presents fabrication and drive test of a peristaltic PDMS micropump actuated by the thermopneumatic force. The micropump consists of the three peristaltic-type actuator chambers with microheaters on the glass substrate and a microchannel connecting the chambers and the inlet/outlet port. The micropump is fabricated by the spin-coating process, the two-step curing process, the JSR (negative PR) molding process, and etc. The diameter and the thickness of the actuator diaphragm are 2.5 mm and $30{\mu}m$, respectively. The meniscus motion in the capillary tube is observed with a video camera and the flow rate of the micro pump is calculated through the frame analysis of the recorded video data. The maximum flow rate of the micropump is about $0.36\;{\mu}L/sec$ at 2 Hz for the zero hydraulic pressure difference when the 3-phase input voltage is 20 V.


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