Peformance Comparisons of CDMA, OFDM, and MC-CDMA with Inaccurate Channel Estimates and Low-SNR Environments

신호대잡음비가 낮고 부정확한 채널추정값을 가질 때의 CDMA, OFDM, MC-CDMA의 성능 비교

  • 임민중 (동국대학교 정보통신공학과)
  • Published : 2005.01.01


Mobile communication systems are required not only to support high-data-rate transmissions in favorable channel conditions but also to be able to tolerate hostile environments possibly encountered by cellular communications. This paper compares CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access), OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), and MC-CDMA(Multi-Carrier CDMA)with inaccurate channel estimates and low SNR environments. The equations and simulation results show that the performance losses in CDMA systems due to imprecise channel estimates are not considerable while frequency-hopping of OFDM systems can result in more than l0dB SNR losses. Also, this paper show that frequency-spreading of MC-CDMA can be very helpful for channel compensation performances than frequency-hopping or time-spreading of OFDM.


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