An Effect of Integrated Science Inquiry Learning Method through Literature Materials on the Elementary Science Learning

문학 자료를 활용한 통합적 과학 탐구 학습의 초등 과학 학습에 대한 효과

  • Published : 2005.02.01


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of integrated science inquiry teaming method through literature materials on the learner's science concept formation, inquiry ability, and attitude related to science when it was applied to the unit 'The temperature of atmosphere and winds', 'The journey of water' in the 5th grade, and to find out the effect on science learning according to teaming styles. To study these subjects, 4 classes of 5th grade in J elementary school in Busan were selected. The result of this study were as follows: First, Integrated science inquiry learning method through literature materials was more effective for concept formation than conventional teaching method. In science inquiry ability, there was not significant difference at all between the comparison group and the experimental group. In attitude related to science, the experimental group showed significant difference only in the interest in occupation related to science. The visual modality learners within the experimental group showed significantly higher statistics than the other modality learners in the post-investigation into the science concept and there was significant difference between the visual and the kinesthetic modality learners in the result of post-test on science inquiry ability.