Design and Demonstration of All-Optical XOR, AND, OR Gate in Single Format by Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

반도체 광증폭기를 이용한 다기능 전광 논리 소자의 설계 및 측정

  • Son, Chang-Wan (Pusan National University) ;
  • Yoon, Tae-Hoon (Pusan National University) ;
  • Kim, Sang-Hun (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Jhon, Young-Min (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Byun, Yung-Tae (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Lee, Seok (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Woo, Deok-Ha (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Kim, Sun-Ho (Photonics Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
  • 손창완 (부산대학교 전자공학과 광전자연구실) ;
  • 윤태훈 (부산대학교 전자공학과 광전자연구실) ;
  • 김상헌 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터) ;
  • 전영민 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터) ;
  • 변영태 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터) ;
  • 이석 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터) ;
  • 우덕하 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터) ;
  • 김선호 (한국과학기술연구원 광기술연구센터)
  • Published : 2006.12.25


Using the cross-gain modulation (XGM) characteristics of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), multi-functional all-optical logic gates, including XOR, AND, and OR gates are successfully simulated and demonstrated at 10Gbit/s. A VPI component maker^TM simulation tool is used for the simulation of multi-functional all-optical logic gates and the10 Cbit/s input signal is made by a mode-locked fiber ring laser. A multi-quantum well (MQW) SOA is used for the simulation and demonstration of the all-optical logic system. Our suggested system is composed of three MQW SOAs, SOA-1 and SOA-2 for XOR logic operation and SOA-2 and SOA-3 for AND logic operation. By the addition of two output signals XOR and AND, all-optical OR logic can be obtained.


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