Performance of MC-CDMA Based UWB System

MC-CDMA 방식을 적용한 UWB 시스템의 성능평가

  • Published : 2006.01.01


In this paper, we evaluated Ultra Wideband MC-CDMA system which is the combination of DS-CDMA and OFDM systems, which have been drafting in current standardization for IEEE802.15.3a. Too many Rake Fingers are demanded in the DS-CDMA system to detect multi-path signals, which results in high system complexity. OFDM system fails to qualify for FCC certification unless frequency hopping is off. MC-CDMA has lower complexity compared to DS-CDMA and shows good performance against frequency selective fading. In addition, for a wide-band communication, less radio power per spectrum is allowed in the MC-CDMA system than in an OFDM system. The MC-CDMA system is analyzed by a numerical formula and compared with DS-CDMA and OFDM by a computer simulation.