The Process of Anode Oxidation on $Ta_2O_5$ by Electrolyte of Ammonium Tartrate

Ammonium Tartrate를 전해질로 사용한 $Ta_2O_5$의 음극 산화 공정

  • 허창우 (목원대학교 정보.전자.영상 공학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


In this paper, we establish a mode oxidation process for formation of $Ta_2O_5$ insulator film. The voltage drop in the electrolyte is affected not in voltage change but in current change. If the voltage drop in the electrolyte is same with cathode oxidation voltage, the current changes logarithmically in proportion to the voltage drop in interface of Ta2O5/electrolyte. As a result of the measurement on the electrical property of $Ta_2O_5$ insulator film, when the thickness of the insulator film is $1500\AA$, the breakdown voltage is 350volts Ind dielectric constant is 29.


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