An Information Filtering System Using Cognitive Mapping

인지 매핑을 이용한 정보 필터링 시스템

  • Kim Jin-Hwa (College of Business Administration, Sogang University) ;
  • Lee Seung-Hun (College of Business Administration, Sogang University) ;
  • Byun Hyun-Soo (College of Business Administration, Sogang University)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


Information filtering systems, which are designed fur users' needs, do not satisfy user's diverse requests as their filtering accuracy is unstable sometimes. This study suggests an information filtering system based on cognitive brain mapping by simulating the processes of information in human brain. Compared to traditional filtering systems, which use specific words or pattern in their filtering systems, the method suggested in this article uses both key words and relationships among these words. The significance of this study is on simulating information storing processes in human brain by mapping both key words and their relationships among them together. To combine these two methods, this study finds balances in representing two methods by searching optimal weights of each of them.