Main Bodies and Competition Structure of Distribution in Environment-friendly Agricultural Products

친환경농산물 시장의 유통주체와 경쟁구조

  • Published : 2007.06.30


By the environment-friendly(hereafter EF) agricultural policy and toward the safety food of consumers, there is much glowing supply and demand fur EF agricultural products, in Korea. But, in general, EF agricultural products are blown as unique, unreasonable and high price system. This study aims to make clare the main bodies and competition structure in EF agricultural products and the different from the agricultural products. The mail results of this study are summarized as follows. Firstly, farmers and consumers directly participate in the distribution, and the major distributors participate in the market of EF agricultural products after the certification system is got ready. Because EF agricultural products is not dealt and the price system is not built up in agricultural wholesale market. Secondly, the distribution route of EF agricultural products is organized the unified organization by the main bodies such as farmers, consumers co-op, and special distributors. In any step of distribution, the main body of distribution surely deals with the contracted farmers, consumers co-op, and special distributors. Accordingly, it is said that EF agricultural products has the competition structure between the distribution route organized the unified organization rather than between main bodies in the each steps of distribution.