A Study on the Medical Care System using Essential Oil

메디컬피부케어를 위한 에센셜 오일 적용방법에 대한연구

  • Lee, Ae-Sun (Department of beauty care, Kyungbuk College)
  • 이애순 (경북전문대학 뷰티케어과)
  • Published : 2007.09.30


Essential oils aims to rejuvenate and beautify medical skin care the body through the use of essential oils, and generally to improve our outward appearance. Much of this section fouses on the different methods by which essential oils can be used to improve the complexion or to treat specific medical care skin conditions. Beauty, however, is not just skin-deep. The condition of the medical care express the overall health of an individual. A relaxed attitude, together with a well-balanced diet, enough exercise, and a daily intake of plenty of spring water or herbal teas, all help to keep the system in top condition. Essential oils is a healing art which has powerful effects on both mind and body. The vital element in essential oils is the pure oils which are extracted from various part of different plants. The key to medical aromatherapy care lies in its dual use of essential oils and medical care massage, thus masking full use of two of our most important senses-smell and touch. Medical aromatherapy care is holistic, working mainly on the nervous system and including the head and body as part of the same treatment. Using pressure points along the spine, Medical aromatherapy care on the autonomic nervous system and has an immediate effect of relexation. In directly it also acts on mood. Many of the medical massage movements help lymphatic drainage. Essential oils have many different qualities; they can be relaxing or invigorating and are generally antisepic and antibacterial. Medical aromatherapy care can have psychological benefits. The power of essences in healing has been recognized in the treatment of insect bites. Clove, thyme, sandalwood, and lavender are a few of the essences that have antiseptic. Essential oils effect the dry skin for small visual pores, dull matte finish, rough sandy feeling, tantskin. Essential oils effect the mature/sun damaged skin for some red or couperose areas, loose saggy skin, exposure to a lot of ultraviolet light. Essential oils effect the medical care nomal skin good elasticity, healthy color(good circulation), smooth terture.