Development of Conversion Solutions for Interoperability of Applications on Different Mobile Internet Platforms

이기종 무선인터넷 플랫폼의 어플리케이션 상호 호환을 위한 변환 솔루션 개발

  • Published : 2007.04.28


Cellular operators develop high speed mobile internet and multi-function cellular phones to activate new business model based on mobile internet services. Domestic cellular operators evolve their mobile networks from cdma2000-1x and EvDo to HSDPA to activate high speed mobile internet services. They also develop mobile internet platforms such as WIPI, BREW, and J2ME on multi-function cellular phones having multimedia solutions such as camera, MP3, MPEG, 3D game engine, DMB, PAN such as bluetooth, IrDA, W-LAN, and location information using GPS. But, content providers have problems of redevelopment of the same mobile internet application on different mobile internet platforms provided by cellular operators. In this paper, we develop conversion solutions for interoperability of mobile internet applications on WIPI and BREW using an one-pass compiler. We confirm the performance the proposed conversion solutions for the API conversion rate, the converted file size, and the full conversion time using the popular mobile games which are the killer applications on WiPI and BREW.