The Blood Cadmium Level in Elderly Smoker

노령 흡연자의 혈중 카드뮴 농도

  • Lee, Mi-Hwa (Department of Clinical Pathology, Jinju Health College)
  • 이미화 (진주보건대학 임상병리과)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


This study was carried out to investigate the cadmium level in blood by age, gender, and smoking status among 162 elderly subjects in Gyeongnam Province from September 2006 to February 2007. The cadmium level in blood was analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Subjects were classified according to smoking status and divided into smokers and non-smokers, smoking duration, daily smoking habits, age, and gender. Mean blood cadmium levels in male and female were $0.70{\pm}0.41{\mu}g/dL$ and $0.57{\pm}0.32{\mu}g/dL$ respectively, with no significant differences between the two groups. Cadmium levels in the blood of smokers and non-smokers were $0.57{\pm}0.32{\mu}g/dL$, $0.90{\pm}0.44{\mu}g/dL$ respectively, with the cadmium level of smokers being significantly higher than that of non-smokers. In comparison by age, cadmium levels in the blood of subjects over the age 70 years and over the age 80 years were $0.91{\pm}0.44{\mu}g/dL$, $1.02{\pm}0.39{\mu}g/dL$ respectively, showing a significantly higher blood cadmium level than that of non-smokers. when compared by the amount of daily cigarette consumption, there were no significant differences in the blood cadmium level between groups. However when compared by smoking duration, the blood cadmium level for the group of smoking duration of over 10 years was $1.15{\pm}0.38{\mu}g/dL$, significantly higher than $0.67{\pm}0.31{\mu}g/dL$ for the group of smoking duration of less than 10 years. In conclusion, longer smoking duration and older aged group showed higher cadmium level in blood. For more reliable results, further study of the elements that elevate the cadmium level in blood with more subjects and study variables will be needed.



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