Study on Relationship of Channel-Selection-Type & Audiences in TV News

TV 뉴스 콘텐츠의 채널 선택 유형에 따른 수용자 특성

  • Published : 2007.06.28


This study aimed at finding out news viewership composition of the major 5 broadcasting companies in Korea and analysing the reasons behind their channel choice as we live in so-called the 'multi-channel era'. To figure out demographic features and channel preferences of viewers, the study focused on the 4 watcher types; channel loyalty type, brief news type, central watcher type and peripheral watcher type. The result shows that most viewers fall into the 'brief new type', which means that there is a close relation between life style changes and TV news-contents viewership. Channel preferences were found to differ according to demographic features of viewers like gender, age and professions.'Central Watcher' type was found to prefer KBS1; 'channel loyalty' type, MBC; 'peripheral watcher', SBS; and 'brief news' type, YTN, while only KBS2 has no distinctive viewership of its own.

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