Model Classification of Quality Statistics Using Block Repeated Measures

블록 반복측정을 이용한 품질통계 모형의 유형화

  • Choi, Sung-Woon (Department of Industrial Engineering, Kyungwon University)
  • 최성운 (경원대학교 산업공학과)
  • Published : 2007.06.30


Dependent models in quality statistics are classified as serially autocorrelated model, multivariate model and dependent sample model. Dependent sample model is most efficient in time and cost to obtain samples among the above models. This paper proposes to implement parametric and nonparametric models into production system depended on demand pattern. Nonparametric models have distribution free and asymptotic distribution free techniques. Quality statistical models are classified into two categories ; the number of dependent sample and the type of data. The type of data consists of nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data. The number of dependent sample divides into 2 samples and more than 3 samples.


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