An Improvement Scheme of Direct Load Control Program for Electric Power Demand Management

합리적 전력수요관리를 위한 직접부하제어 사업의 개선 방안

  • Published : 2007.09.30


This paper proposes the scheme to improve the current direct load control(DLC) program by inspecting the problems of the DLC program. In order to increase the number of the customers participating DLC program, a reduction of the base incentive and an increase of the direct load control incentive are suggested based on the interruption cost of electric power considering the characteristics of load types and the introduction of demand side bidding is recommended. Secondly, the standards of power system operations is required to control DLC program efficiently for the penalty, interruption times, the number of interrupting loads, notice time for the load interruption and the periods of the DLC program contract.


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