A Survey on Singapore University Students' Perceptions of Korean Commercial Kimchi

상업적 김치에 대한 싱가포르 대학생의 인식 조사

  • Published : 2007.08.31


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perception of Korean kimchi in Singapore. A questionnaire was given to male 236(43.0%) and female 313(57.0%) college students residing in Singapore. The results are as follows: 86.9% of the participants answered that kimchi is Korean in origin, and 48.7% had eaten kimchi. Also 75.2% of the males and 65.2% of the females had purchased commercial kimchi at restaurants(p<0.05). Regarding the primary reason they purchased commercial kimchi, 62.1% responded 'its taste'(male 58.1%, female 65.0%), also 47.6% stated the package size was 50g(male 44.8%, female 49.7%). Among the kimchi they had experienced, 86.7% had eaten Baechu kimchi, 31.0% Mu kimchi and 30.9% Oi kimchi(males : 82.2% Baechu kimchi, 30.9% Oi kimchi, and 27.4% Mu kimchi, females: 90.0% Baechu kimchi, 33.6% Mu kimchi, and 26.2% Oi kimchi respectively). For their kimchi preference, 67.0% preferred Baechu kimchi, 9.4% Oi kimchi, and 7.1% Mu kimchi(males: 63.4% Baechu kimchi, 12.9% Oi kimchi and 5.4% Mu kimchi, females: 69.5% Baechu kimchi, 8.4% Oi kimchi and 6.9% Mu kimchi, respectively). After having eaten kimchi, 19.3% answer it tasted good, and the primary reason for liking kimchi, 'spicy and hot taste'(51.3%), The main reasons for not liking kimchi were the odor(garlic, ginger, anchovy juice, etc) and too spicy, respectively. Regarding improvements for its expanded consumption 32.0% answered 'not to improve', 18.0% answered 'don't make it too hot', 17.6% answered 'don't make it too salty', and 9.4% answered 'don't make it over-ripe'. For the overall perception of kimchi, the answer with the highest mean(3.95) was 'kimchi is a good side dish with cooked rice', which was significantly different than 'kimchi is delicious'(M=3.14, p<0.05).