The Study of Muscle Activity for the Upper Extremity over Morto-Seoinage(Two-handed shoulder throw) in Judo

유도 양손 업어치기 시 상지근의 근 활성도에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.09.30


The purpose of this study is Muscle Activity for the Upper Extremity and Morto-Seoinage(Two-handed shoulder throw) according to performance levels and elite judo players (G1) and non-elite judo players, namely university players (G2). To achieve this purpose, three players in G1 whose main special skill was Morote-Seoinage and three university judo players(G2) were selected as comparative group. After analysing this study, conclusions were derived as follows. 1. Muscle activity of musculi membri superious to group of Kuzushi to Tsukuri was the highest in left biceps brachii and right biceps brachii in order. On the other hand, G2 was the highest in left biceps brachii and left flexer carpi randialis in order. 2. Intergral electromyogram of according to the phase showed right triceps 1P of left flexer carpi radialis. G1 and G2 of showed left biceps brachii was the highest in 1P and 2P. As a result, extra training of left flexer carpi radialis and left biceps brachii is needed.


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