A Study on Transforming ICT Research Information Service into Semantic Web Environment

  • Song, Jong-Cheol (Department of Information Service Team, IITA) ;
  • Moon, Byung-Joo (?Information Serve Team, Institute for Information Technology Advancement(IITA)) ;
  • Jung, Hoe-Kyung (Department of Computer Engineering, Paichai University)
  • Published : 2007.09.30


The Research on the ICT(Information & Communication Technology) is proposed the category to IT839 strategy by Government. Government is driving to researching on technology about IT839 Strategy. By transforming this category and research information into Semantic Web environment, it is possible to search function utilizing knowledge base and information object by use of TBox and ABox. In this regard, this study proposes technology for generation of Semantic Web Document about ICT Research Information. The ontology is constructed by using category to IT839 Strategy. The features of framework proposed in this study is to have used a skill to directly map Ontology instance and in case of inability of direct mapping, proposed a skill to establish reliable Semantic Web Document by suggesting indirect mapping skill using mechanical study. In addition, it is possible to establish low cost/high quality Semantic Web Document about ICT research information.


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