A Study for Fashion Product Name of BEST 100 in Cyber Shopping Mall

사이버 쇼핑몰 의류 제품 BEST 100의 제품명 분석

  • 심준영 (전주대학교 문화관광대학 패션산업) ;
  • 김선영 (순천대학교 패션디자인)
  • Published : 2008.10.31


This article is about the naming method for fashion product in cyber shopping mall. For two months, the name of fashion product is listed and analyzed, from BEST 100 category in cyber shopping mall. SPSS ver.10.0 is used and frequency, spearman raw test and t-test are done. The fashion product names are arranged in naming method. There are four kinds of methods for fashion product naming; describing, associating, bundling and style numbering. Describing is most used method both cyber shopping mall. Between marketplace cyber shopping mall and merchant, there is significant difference in composition of naming. Bundling naming method is more used in marketplace cyber shopping mall, and describing and style numbering method is used often in merchant. The words which are composed the name of fashion product are divided in a single word and arranged. The words for describing are classified in noun and adjective. Noun is used for depicting textile and construction and adjective is for touch and image. There is no difference for using words between marketplace and merchant.