The Influence of the Small Circular Hole Defect on the Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior in Aluminum Alloys

알루미늄 합금재의 피로크랙 전파거동에 미치는 미소원공결함

  • 김건호 (군산대학교 동력기계시스템공학) ;
  • 이호연 (군산대학교 일반대학원)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


We carried out fatigue testing with materials of aluminum alloyC7075-T6, 2024-T4) by rotary bending fatigue tester. We investigated fatigue limit, fatigue crack initiation, fatigue crack propagation behavior and possibility of fatigue life prediction to the different small circular hole defect. The summarized result are as follows; Fatigue limit of the smooth specimens were related tensile strength and yield strength. In case of more large applied stress and small circular hole crack defect, the fatigue crack was grown rapidly. The fatigue crack propagation behavior proceed at according to inclusion. Fatigue crack propagation ratio appeared instability and retardation phenomenon in the first half of fatigue life but appeared stability and replied in the latter half. On other hand, this experimental data of the materials are appeared fatigue life predictability.


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