Molding Stability of Hydro-Mechanical High Speed Injection Molding for Thin-Wall(0.3mm) LGP

박판(0.3mm) 도광판 성형을 위한 유압식 고속사출성형의 성형 안정성 연구

  • 황철진 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 김종선 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 오정길 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 정철 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 안희정 ((주)선우중공업 부설연구소) ;
  • 허영무 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 김종덕 (한국생산기술연구원 정밀금형팀) ;
  • 윤경환 (단국대학교 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2008.12.01


Recently, products of electronic industry and related parts are required to have the thickness thinner and thinner to reduce the part weight. To go with this trend, LGP(light guide plate) of LCD-BLU(Liquid Crystal Display-Back Light Unit: It is one of kernel parts of LCD) for cell phone has the thickness of ${\sim}0.3mm$ and the battery case of cell phone has ${\sim}0.25mm$. Accordingly, high speed injection molding is required to mold products which have thinner parts. To achieve high speed injection and proper control of hydraulic unit, various design was applied to conventional injection unit. In the present paper, we concentrated on the molding stability of hydro-mechanical high speed injection machine to make an LGP of 0.3mm thickness.


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