The Influence of Nurses' Organizational Culture on Their Job Satisfaction and Organization Commitment at the Public Health Center

보건소 간호조직문화가 직무만족과 조직몰입에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2008.12.29


Purpose: This study examines how the types of organizational culture at a public health center affect job satisfaction and organization commitment of nurses. Method: The study selected 139 nurses from six public health centers located in G city, J province as subjects. The data was collected from April 1 to May 31 in 2008. Result: In regard to type of organizational culture had significant correlation with both job satisfaction and organization commitment, job satisfaction and organization commitment also showed high correlation. Concerning type of organizational culture, two variables of affiliated culture and innovative culture explained 26.3% of job satisfaction and 29.3% of organization commitment. Conclusion: The job satisfaction and organization commitment of nurses varied according to types of organizational culture of a public health center, and showed high correlation. The more affiliated and innovative the organizational culture was, the higher job satisfaction and organization commitment turned out. Therefore, it is advisable to develop a strategy that systematically creates a affiliated and innovative organizational culture that pays attention to goal achievement of the nurse.