History of Korea Life Nurturing Medicine

한국(韓國) 양생의학(養生醫學)의 역사(歷史)

  • Ahn, Sang-Woo (Department of Academic Research, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine) ;
  • Kim, Nam-Il (Department of Korean Medical History College of Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University)
  • Published : 2008.08.31


Life nurturing medicine mentioned in this paper refers to medical practice based on health preservation. This practice embraces alimentotherapy, respiration practice, qi gong, lacking food method as well as preventive medicine and geriatrics based on this theory. This life nurturing practice are noticeable through korean history. There were Korea own's xianjia(仙家) yangseng practice which after the transmission of Taoistic yangseng, it has been developed to take a field in medicine. The first publication that proofs this unification of life nurturing practice and medicine is Donguibogam ("東醫寶鑑"). Life nurturing method took more proportion in medical practice as medical books emphasized on preventive medicine like Yiyangpyun("二養編"), Boyangji were published distinguishing from other field of medicine.