Inelastic Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Truss Structures Using Arc-Length Method

호장법을 이용한 평면 트러스 구조의 비탄성 비선형 해석

  • Published : 2008.02.15


Spatial structure is an appropriate shape that resists external force only with in-plane forte by reducing the influence of bending moment, and it maximizes the effectiveness of structure system. the spatial structure should be analyzed by nonlinear analysis regardless static and dynamic analysis because it accompanys large deflection for member. To analyze the spatial structure geometrical and material nonlinearity should be considered in the analysis. In this paper, a geometrically nonlinear finite element model for plane truss structures is developed, and material nonlinearity is also included in the analysis. Arc-length method is used to solve the nonlinear finite element model. It is found that the present analysis predicts accurate nonlinear behavior of plane truss.