Characterization of Volatile Components in Field Bean (Dolichos lablab) Obtained by Simultaneous Steam Distillation and Solvent Extraction

  • Kim, Joo-Shin (Kwangil Synthesis Plant Co. Ltd.) ;
  • Chung, Hau-Yin (Department of Biology, Food and Nutritional Sciences Programme, and Food Science Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Published : 2008.03.31


Volatile components in field bean (Dolichos lablab) were collected by simultaneous steam distillation and solvent extraction and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. One hundred and five components were identified including alcohols (32), ketones (18), aldehydes (9), acid (1), alkanes (5), aromatics compounds (4), esters (2), furans (2), naphthalene (1), pyrazines (4), pyridine (3), sulfur-containing compounds (4) and terpenes (7) and miscellaneous compounds (13). Relatively high concentration of n-hexanal found in the field bean might be undesirable to some consumers.


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