The Study of Distributed Disturbance Recording System

분산형 사고파형저장 시스템에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2008.03.01


In this paper, the application of power Quality monitoring based on Sampled Value(SV) which is introduced in the IEC61850 International Standard for substation communication are discussed. Firstly, while Merging Unit(MU) is designed as a process level device transmitting sensor data, the practical problems such as time delay compensation and optical fiber communication are encountered. Secondly, the Sampled Value message which is proper to a power quality monitoring system is presented. Because the power quality monitoring system requests less time-critical service compared to protection and control applications, the Sampled Value service message structure is introduced to improve efficiency. Lastly, the power quality monitoring server having various power quality analysis functions is suggested to verify the performance of Merging Unit With the diverse experiments, it is proved that the process bus distributed solution is flexible and economic for the power quality monitoring.



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