A Study on Demand Pattern Analysis for Forecasting of Customer's Electricity Demand

수요측 전력사용량 예측을 위한 수요패턴 분석 연구

  • Published : 2008.08.01


One important objective of the electricity market is to decrease the price by ensuring stability in the market operation. Interconnected to this is another objective; namely, to realize sustainable consumption of electricity by equitably distributing the effects and benefits of participating in the market among all participants of the industry. One method that can help achieve these objectives is the ^{(R)}$demand-response program, - which allows for active adjustment of the loadage from the demand side in response to the price. The demand-response program requires a customer baseline load (CBL), a criterion of calculating the success of decreases in demand. This study was conducted in order to calculate undistorted CBL by analyzing the correlations between such external or seasonal factors as temperature, humidity, and discomfort indices and the amounts of electricity consumed. The method and findings of this study are accordingly explicated.


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